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getting to the next sunday here. part of that is because never in washington have we had this assault on democracy, and have the opposition party asleep, and have the media give up its role of protecting the people. >> neil: and giving up its role of privacy of the people. that just within be the wayside. >> this is an attack on the american people. >> neil: all right, pat. thank you very much. >> obvious live got to take something pretty big to do something this big. shut down every american embassy in the mideast e middle -- midd. we know it involves al qaeda but what, where, when? lisa on the chatter that pat and i were talking about. sounds other a lot like the chatter behind this back then. of course, i'm talking about 9/11. chuck, is it similar and if it is, where is it coming from? >> i think we have established patterns in the intelligence community of looking for who talks to whom. and it may not be that you understand exactly what they're saying, but when two people start talking you start to connect the dots. and they're looking at people talking to people, and it's probabl
washington, d.c.'s policy has raised the u.s. jobless rate. it could have been 6.5%, not 7.8% unemployment rate reported last year. with that bus uncertainty over what washington will do, we're waiting to see what the next jobs report will show in early september. >> neil: you can understand why they're cautious. you can see -- you argue they ty have ever reason to hold back on full time hiring. >> it's basic. if you ever run a business, you would know. if you have to hire people, it's a cost. what are your costs? you don't know. if you don't know, you don't know what liabilities you're taking on. you're cautious, you go on the sidelines. the united states of america, where we prize progress and growth, we have a law in place in a makes it a crime in terms of cost, if you have more than 50 people starting a business and putting people who want to work full time into part-time jobs. the shocker, which lizzyed touched on, is median income the united states is down 5% since the so-called recovery. that never happened before. >> neil: it's interesting in a push to double the minimum wage, they
around at the "washington post," maybe he should do something that wouldn't cost him a correct, try a little more editorial balance that could brick in more readers. as i last checked it has not had fox news or u.s.a. today, all known for hearing all sides or trying to, and all making money, and all growing, and that is a big sign. brent says the post can't do any worse. so, brent, what do you make of this and not even making a big financial leap, just to try hearing all sides? >> we "washington post" is in trouble, like most newspapers are. and in the last quarter -- second quarter, it had a 14% drop in earnings, lost 7.1% of weekday audience, 7.6% of the sudden are -- sunday audience, and it's tanking like most newspapers are. why? you can blame the business, blame the digital age, but how does that explain "the wall street journal"? how does that explain "u.s.a. today"? if you're alienating over 50% of the audience -- remember, conservatives outnumber liberals by two to one in this country. if you're annoying so much of the vast constituency that leaves you and goals elsewhere, d
to cincinnati and lesser individuals in washington but also upstream. i think the fact that this goes to the office of the chief counsel, a political appointee, that begins to have us understand how critical she and why she might want to fein innocence. >> neil: there's talk the mainstream media is dropping this story because it's -- we know liberal groups targeted. i tried to the best of my ability to get liberal groups on to talk about it. normally if you have been talking about the irs you're itching to talking about it. now i have conservatives groups who are fuming but i figure if you're targeted bit government, you're angry and don't like the irs picking on you and you want to shout it out. they're not. i wonder if that was made up? >> it was to a great extent made up. here's the important thing, you can hear a lot of things in washington. the question is who will put out fact and cite specifics. in our case at chairman camp of the ways and means committee and i looked into it, we did find a number of progressive groups came up in the search but as far as we could tell they were
plan going forward with this type of nonsense coming out of washington? and, hey, this is without even talking about what is going to happen in september and october, with the battle over the continuing resolution, the raising of the debt ceiling. neil, i can't imagine -- by the way i know you're going to think this is a shameless plug but on fox business, which you should demand if you don't get -- the coverage this morning was so spot on. i watched another network, forgive me, for a few seconds and nothing but cheerleading. everything is great and find. in the meantime, fox business dug through the numbers and they look at what the real effect it on the economy, and i got to tell you something. i'm a very optimistic person by nature. but you can't look at the raw data and you can't look at honest reporting on this economy, and say that mr. obama has been nothing but the worst thing that could ever happen to this nation economically. sorry. >> neil: we have to look at these numbers and 162,000, the 7.4% unemployment rate but we'll tell you about the underlying trends and that includes
say something. sitting in the "washington post" newsroom and writing things like this is the last place on earth to understand presidential politics, shaping the future. the which will phoning for all candidates is at a unique moment in history. we have only nonincumbent election, something is going on. the country is dissatisfied. if the run -- republicans run the traditional candidates they'll law enforcement -- they'll lose. donald trump, he said differently? i was reading the news -- she didn't mention what he said, and what did he say? we need to be a rich country again so we can afford to keep medicare and social security, which have no money. that is a whole new message. >> neil: monica, lost in the message is that was a journalists seize on whatever the polls are saying. if you went with that in 2008 early on, with president barack obama and hillary clinton vying for the presidential nomination of the democratic part, you would buy that barack obama had no chance in hell. then you would say, oh oh, we now have to change our mind. so i always thing these things are based on
helping poor black kid get into better schools in new orleans is discriminatory, but from washington, lawyers, it looks that way. >> neil: the same for arizona and the crackdown on illegals, or texas, requesting those who vote have proof they are who they say they are. these are not heinous issues. so, why is the white house jumping on to this? >> i don't know why they're jumping on to it. look at the facts on the ground. you have in texas, it's a voter i.d. law. supposedly going to turn away minorities from the states. if that what's idea of the republican legislature it was a horrible failure. black voters voted more and that's not true before the voter i.d. law. it's not having an effect. that's a fact that they state government can proceed when the federal government doesn't, and in arizona, the president said the border is secure, and the governor, jan brewer, laughed, says come down to tucson. we don't know how many illegals are coming across. so the president, i think part of it is the fatal conceit. this idea they can see everything from washington and they don't need the ind
of washington losing credibility fast right now. that's a big problem for you, right, craig? >> it certainly is. and it should be for every single american, neil. look, two years ago this month we celebrated the downgrading of america's debt through s&p because of the bad budget deal that we cut by raising the debt ceiling and not having appropriate spending cuts to go along with it. you remember the supercommittee and they didn't come up with the cuts and then the sequester. s&p has now been joined by moody's and fitch saying, look, if we can't see a credible plan to reduce these deficits, then we're going to have no choice but to downgrade you. we went from aaa to aa-plus, neil. >> craig, i don't think that bothers -- i really don't think it bothers them because the stigma ended when the scarlet letter was removed. in other words, and the jinx was up. s&p said, look, you're no longer aaa. people realize after that, all right, we're no longer aaa. what's bad about that is we sort of set our aspirations lower and we sort of acted that way. >> well, maybe so, but perception, you know, may someti
down and each day our debt keeps piling up, day in and day out. the one thing being done in washington right now. what is it? the administration installing solar panel on the white house. i kid you not. panels that jimmy carter put up. ronald reagan took down, and then art laffer cannot figure any of these guys out. art, don't think -- i have nothing against. i just think there's more pressing issues on the table. both parties ignoring. >> i never knew that the white house was in the place where the sun shined, either, neil. >> neil: now you're being petty. go ahead. >> just having fun with you. but i have no idea what is going on. we're going to approach a deadline and we'll see how it goes out. i don't think there's going to be a real problem with it, but i do hope that the house requires them to cut some more spending, and that would be nice. maybe they can even cut out to the solar panels. >> neil: i understand they work a lot better than 30 or 40 years ago so hope prisoning ease -- springs eterm. -- springs eternal. and there's hope when congress is away. here's where i differenti
exercise, a lot of americans want to be represented in washington, and they want us to stop obamacare. and so the strategy here is -- the president has already agreed he needs to delay the bill. what we're saying is to stop it. the best way in the short term is just not to fund it as part of government funding this year. this is not any attempt to shut the government down. in fact, we at heritage believe the government should be fully funded and shouldn't have a fight over government shutdown, but -- >> neil: senator rubio said that -- if it came to that, even though he went want to depend on republicans -- it would be the democrats pushing to continue funding health care that would lead to that shutdown of that republicans don't want but they don't want this healthcare thing more. >> you're right, and the democrats and the president will probably threaten the government shutdown over the debt ceiling and the funding of the government. so, this is a strategy they're going to use because it's a way to frighten americans and they think frighten republicans. as we travel around the count
of the country and he thinks the "washington post" is a pillar of intellectual community. >> neil: he has to be liberal and he has to like us. he calls himself a libertarian but she kind of in between libertarian. he supports gay marriage. he doesn't like is your taxes on the wealthy. >> his views, i'm are not the views of the people that are writing the editorials in the "washington post". >> neil: he is going to find is that out the hard way? >> it's unlikely they will change their views. >> neil: what do you think the chatter out of presidential wannabes. anybody catch your fancy. chris christie for example? >> i know chris. i think he is terrific. i'm not. >> neil: hillary clinton? >> i had in the past not been a big hillary fan. the last five years have made me a big hillary fan. >> neil: what is it hillary has done? >> she didn't get elected. [ laughter ] >> neil: rand paul? >> not mainstream. he is making his points. he is a true libertarian. i think he really believes -- and that is great. >> neil: but you are not a libertarian? >> not a libertarian, not the way he. >> sam zell wh
." >>> that was greg. there is not much a majority of americans can agree on except this. washington stinks. president obama's approval rating plum sed. 82% think the lawmakers deser s deserve to take off the month of august. congress is never popular. washington doesn't rate
started spending again elm was there in washington to see the pressures on congressmen to spend. i've also been the governor of ohio coming in with the largest debt we ever had in host of ohio, $8 billion now. we're in the back. we didn't raise taxes, we cut taxes and dealt with our problem. i am convinced this congress is not going to get there unless there's some cataclysmic event, and if that happens the collateral damage will affect people who don't have a lot of power, people caught in the middle. i believe we in ohio want to re-ignite the issue to force the congress to pass a balanced budget amendment so we can do something that makes perfect sense. >> neil: but they never do. you were here and back in your budget days, they talk a good game. ronald reagan wanted it, and you want it but the they never do. >> neil, we balanced the budget when i was there. the 97 budget agreement not only led to a balanced budget but led to trillions -- >> neil: i know what happened. but congress in the appetite -- do you think that exists today? >> i think that the states -- we get 34 states, the cong
problems, but if it rings a bell it should. last week alone times, "washington post," "new york times," even mark zuckerberg's page were all hacked, up a innovated. a trend that continues now with perhaps frequented retail site in the world, and speaking of amazon, jeff bezos, who is buying the "washington post" for $250 billion. >>> it's not just republican like rand blasting the nsa spying. now democrats are turn, too, to the guy who was with jimmy carter who says this keeps up, this president is going to one-up jimmy. american express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually... there's no annual fee and no limits on rewards. and with the fidelity cash management account debit card, you get reimbursed for all atm fees. is that it? oh, this guy, too. turn more of the money you spend into money you invest. it's everyday reinvesting for your personal economy. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this comm
where they are. this has been eck code all day long with the theme of the march on washington. somehow corporations owe a debt to people who work for them, so if susan has two kids, she gets x amount of income. then she has another child, and then the corporation should pay more money specifically because they owe her a debt and she had another kid, sort of their responsibility of the welfare state that's been a burden on america is now being thrutsed or attempted to be thrusted. >> i that was clearly the messa. >> i think a lot of things that the president said today to me, it was sort of a disappointing speech in the sense that he took -- he just stripped out a few things from the martin luther king dream speech and layered on the populous anti-business speech that he's been giving in front of colleges and high school students all summer long. >> you didn't like it. >> i debit like it at all. >> you're an african-american, you're looking at this. this is a big day. you mentioned to me earlier that you and your kids, m lk day, it's a federal holiday day now. it's a time where you don'
of washington, d.c., from the white house, and look at the occupy wall street movement. that's what this is all about. anti-wealth all of the time. >> i can see cases where corporations did something very bad, very sinister, and you built sort of a film documentary on it. a little of what was with erin brockovich or williams the tobacco secrets. it's quite another when you're looking at the wealthy and how they're portrayed in a movie like "up." i'm wondering if our kids to exposed to such impressions early on that they think anyone with money is bad, anyone whose finance is undertaken. i'm not saying jokes don't hurt but ever now and then throw the rich guys a bone and say they're not all awful. >> i think they don't understand economics. i think the people in hollywood thing when the rich get richer that means the poor get poorer. that's not true. when the rich get richer, everyone get's wealthier because they have new venture and new jobs. >> you don't have to convince me of it. convince our kids. >>> when we come back, phony baloney. ♪ [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people
, amazon, "the washington post," "the new york times," cnn, all hit, all down, all vulnerable to something or someone that seems to have no trouble penetrating their security walls. the s.e.c. says it is monitoring the situation and is in very close contact with the exchanges. the president of the united states just briefed on this during a bus tour in the midwest. secretary jack lue is speaking in cal can this hour. we're all over here in new york city. with charles payne at nasdaq with what might have caused it. rich edison in our nation's capital, everyone on high alert for a repeat of it and charlie gasparino on how it's not just the nasdaq behind it. we begin with charles payne. charles, what happened? >> well, neil, welcome flash freeze. what happened we don't really know yet. from the nasdaq out of the gate they said there was a problem with quote, dissemination. it's a euphemism for we don't know what the heck is going on and we may not for a long time. i can tell you, communication from them after this began was limbed at best. they gave a whole lot of false alarms when trading wo
, thank you, my friend. >>> to john mccain on what is next. the senator joins us out of washington. senator, what do you make of this and whether the markets are overreacting to this? >> neil, i'm not sure. i know that markets are very volatile in times of crisis. i know that the likelihood of any egyptian government shutting off the suez canal are remote. i went through the suez canal on the ussforestal when nassar was running egypt but i can't predict the markets. i know this is extreme val tilt throughout the middle east but it's not short-term. it's long-term. the conflict in syria is spreading. obviously the unrest in egypt is serious. but lebanon is destabilized. iraq is unraveling. they have had more bombings and killings in the last month than they had since 2008. the whole region is in a state of unrest, and that's because there is no policy and no strategy there in the middle east. >> neil: what happens if we get involved in sirra, even through missile strikes, and china and russia have already said, bad idea. does this escalate? >> i don't think so. because i don't think
. they should be expecting the rage of washington for not creating the kind of jobs you can raise a family on but you blame mcdonalds and burger change. they are hardly millionaires that run these. >> neil: you have some older folks working there. the fast-food franchisee's responsibility to pay them more, to address that? in other words, people seem to lose sight that mcdonald's and burger king and wendy's, they're the parent companies that sell these franchises, and the franchiseees themselves have close profit margin. but let's say they were to get the raise, would would happen? >> let me page a point about the point you just made. i ask friends who run the franchises, how do you make money on then 99-cent menu? you're selling fries and double burger 99 cents. they have very thin margins and if you require $15 an hour wages you'll have a lot less teenagers hired for those jobs, you'll have -- starter jobs won't exist, and the other thing that will happen is what you just said, they will substitute workers with machines and automated things, you pour your own coke and iced tea, you'll ha
includes possible loss of principal. >> neil: it's not just the nsa. the "washington post" reporting the cia and other spying agencies are getting 53 million bucks a year. that's a lot of money to spy on us and they sort of take out of that same pot to do this. a reason why it says, cut the cash now. the problem with that, it's easier said than done. these agencies can come back and say, you take money from us, it's all on you. go ahead. what do you think? >> that's certainly the case they make everytime people talk about cutting budgets. they say we need this money to keep america safe, and then when you ask -- you follow up and ask, why do you need this money? specifically? explain how this money, this funding for these programs is going to keep us safe. they say, look, we can't tell you because that would be revealing secrets. so just trust us. and so there's this kind of game going on where they say we really need this money to protect you but we can't tell you why. >> neil: you know what i worry about? i'll try to explain it in a way that doesn't sound contracts. -- sound crass.
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)